Our Story

After so many years spent traveling the world, I decided it was time to settle down and pursue my dual life passions: making sumptuous meals and providing joy to both family and friends.

At Antonio’s, we aspire to achieve a perfect balance between delicious food and a homey ambiance. We take great pride in finding the very best ingredients for every dish we serve. In the kitchen, we marry precise culinary technique with loving respect for our ingredients. We understand the importance of pairing fine cuisine with of casually refined interiors and effortless, well-trained service. From the moment you walk through our doors, you are our guests, to be entertained and pampered.

Antonio’s is much more than a restaurant.  It is an experience.  One, where we encourage each and every guest to savor and share.

Welcome to Antonio’s.

Our Farm

Born out of opportunity and necessity, Antonio’s was a farm long before it was a restaurant.

In 1997, an isolated plot of land in Cavite was purchased— an acquisition whose significance they would only see later on. Not only would this piece of land be the foundation of their new farming venture, but it would also become the home of Antonio’s the restaurant.

While he was doing his apprenticeship at the Tivoli Grill at the Mandarin Oriental, Chef Tonyboy observed how the kitchen often ran short of quality produce. He saw their supply issues as an opportunity for growth.

By 2000, with good weather, an ample demand for their artisanal produce and a bit of luck, what started as a hobby farm, had grown into a proper business.

Today, Antonio’s farms have expanded into four estates. These not only offer livestock and produce to some of Manila’s finer restaurants, but they also provide the basic cornerstones that have helped build Antonio’s into what it is today.