A Chef’s Tour with Antonio Escalante

Chef Antonio “Tony Boy” Escalante takes Food Magazine on a tour of his hometown, Bacolod, for their September 2013 issue.

In the article entitled “Antonio’s Bacolod,” Chef Tonyboy visits his favorite culinary destinations, sharing childhood memories of food, family, and friends along the way.

Contributing writer Angelo Comsti reflects:

“It seems like the people of Bacolod offer a kind of hospitality that makes you feel like you’re an Ilonggo yourself, even if you don’t speak their dialect…When you visit, they not only give you a taste of their lives, they make you actually live it. And I believe Tonyboy has brought this ‘work hard, play hard’ kind of attitude from the province and carried it over to his Tagaytay restaurants…where delivering delicious dishes and entertaining with style have become a luxury and privilege every customer gets to enjoy.”

To the editors of Food Magazine and Angelo Comsti, a most gracious thank you.