A Happy Day at Antonio’s

As part of the 2014 edition of popular local restaurant guide Eat Out Now, Yvette Fernandez, editor of Town and Country Philippines, writes about her “happy” day at Antonio’s.

From the trip though the scenic city of Tagaytay to her first sip of champagne, Ms. Fernandez describes the experience of dining at Antonio’s in delectable detail.

To conclude her piece, she writes about what we consider the heart of the Antonio’s experience. “And then there’s Antonio himself, host and chef Tonyboy Escalante, who makes sure every meal is a memorable one…Tonyboy’s meals are a sensory delight. He gets everything right. Perfectly right.”

To Alicia Sy, Yvette Fernandez, and the publishers of Eat Out Now, our most humble thanks.

Thank you to Liz Yap of Yummy Magazine for the photograph.