Breakfast at Antonio Reviewed

Breakfast at Antonio’s was reviewed in the July issue of Yummy Magazine.

In a review entitled “The Best Breakfast,” food writer Angelo Comsti starts off by waxing poetic about his delight with Breakfast at Antonio’s Pastrami and Swiss Cheese Roesti.

“The knife slid smoothly through the Swiss cheese and the eggs, releasing a lava of yolk that blanketed the house pastrami and crispy Roesti with velvet gold… It’s the type of dish that elicits sighs of satisfaction—and I did just that with every bite.”

Comsti goes on to talk about the spacious interiors and panoramic view of the restaurant. He describes the vast array of house-made products, breads, and produce sold at the Pantry Store. Eventually, he returns to discussing the food: the Platter for Two—a composition of cheeses, fruit, and charcuterie—and the Stuffed Crepe, which, as the name implies, is a crepe filled with smoked ham, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese.

Comsti concludes, “A meal at Breakfast at Antonio’s is a good enough reason to drive up to Tagaytay. The restaurant makes the trip worthwhile, promising to deliver not just a meal but a memorable experience.”

We could not agree more.